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June 1, 2014 by apaubxl

Leaning forward, he is sitting on the sofa. He seems outraged. Sweat of nervousness is running down his forehead passing by his left eye on his cheek. He quickly grabs a tissue to dry up the sweat. The psychologist asks him: “What brings you to me?” Robert looks up and leans back. He takes a deep breath, slowly opens his mouth and answers:”I had an idea. I thought now everything would be different. But it seems I was wrong. I am here because of my wife. She sent me to you, because she is worried about me.”

This is the beginning of an alternative path of history. A path that could have been true if Robert Schuman had not followed his believes. Europe in 1945 – Europe in ashes – was the breeding ground for big European thinkers. A certain kind of men facing mainstream opinions. It is clear that those who thought in 1945 that Europe could take a path towards freedom, unity and prosperity were called utopian. Directly after the biggest tragedy of our history such ideas must have sounded like a bad joke. Similarly was the situation of those who believed already before 1989 in a Europe without borders. Yet it was the fall of the Iron Curtain that cancelled their fixed seat at the psychologists sofa.

Europeans have always been able to achieve great things when they dared thinking the impossible. Our continent – the history of war and inhumanity – was also the home of the greatest thinkers of human civilisation. Nevertheless, large steps did not always directly follow great ideas. Today’s European Union is the consequence of the persistent implementation of many small steps. The day when Europeans decide to get rid of the Nation State has not yet arrived. A mixture of nationalism, supra-nationalism and intergovernmentalism are the consequence of such inconsequence.

In days like this however, it is more important than ever that those who believe in the idea of an integrated Europe are working together to develop scenarios for our common future. It is our duty to blend out daily national and regional politics and to focus on how our continent can be organised in the future.

It is not the aim of this blog to ignore daily European politics, but to link current developments with new ideas and to make us think and discuss about our own future.


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