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I am an Austrian economist and political scientist working in Brussels as a senior consultant for a leading European economic research and consultancy company and I have always been fascinated by politics and especially European politics.

The original idea of this blog emerged as I caught myself too often complaining about politicians acting too short-term oriented and being too afraid of expressing real visions. At the same time, too often I have not offered long-term solutions myself. My aim in creating this blog was therefore to share ideas and to discuss concepts on the future of the European Union with you. I wanted to push myself and all readers to think outside the box and to discuss what may sound utopic and if possible try to link new ideas to current developments.

The core idea of this blog should remain being a platform of ideas and a forum for discussion on where Europe could and/or should head to. Recent (rapid) developments in European politics and my home country Austria (e.g. presidential elections 2016) have called however for an expansion of the blog also discussing/questionning daily comments/advertisings made by politicians on a national and European level. I hence decided where appropriate to include specific sections covering current issues. Those sections dedicated to Austrian politics are written in German.

This blog remains like the EU, a project sui generis, and I will keep on thinking about new sections and topics. Please feel free to share your ideas with me.


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